Your source for support and success after graduation

Navigating the journey after graduation can be arduous. Prince Institute is here to offer guidance as you embark on your journey into the field of court reporting.
Real-world Experiences: For you as a student, we bring guest speakers on-campus and hold special assemblies to give you a personal look at all the possible career paths open to you. Depending on your campus, you can expect visits to state legislatures and enjoy field trips to the courts to see how you could play a part in our state’s legal system and court procedures.
Placement Assistance: With our resources, we can be a connection to reporting agencies that are seeking reporters, captioners, or scopists. Our staff members can actively help you gain employment by arranging interviews with potential employers; providing internship opportunities; and helping students find the employer that best matches their interests, personality, and degree of skill.

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Practice and Preparation: To boost your confidence and your potential success, our career services experts offer resume writing help and mock interviews to help you be as prepared as possible. You practiced your skills during your education—consider this practice for your career.
From active student to becoming a professional in the field, Prince Institute offers an array of resources, links, and services to make this transition as smooth and successful as possible.
If you need additional support or have a question, please contact a Prince Institute representative