Stories of insight and inspiration

During our 35+ years of instructing and mentoring students, we’ve received interesting comments and stories from our longstanding faculty members and successful alumni located across the country. Perhaps you’ll find encouragement from one of our unique stories—and we hope you share yours with us soon.
“RPR Certification (Registered Professional Reporter) was the essential piece in securing full-time work as a staff reporter immediately upon graduation. I love my job, and I love the opportunities the RPR certification affords. Eventually I want to segue into CART and captioning. For now, I still can't believe I passed!
– MEGAN S. (Prince Institute Graduate)


Prince Institute has given me the opportunity to fulfill a dream after many years in a different career. The teachers and staff made the transition from workforce to school a breeze with their encouragement and commitment to me as a student to succeed.


“I have been attending Prince Institute for the last two years. I have really enjoyed my experience here thus far. I have had the opportunity to take classes both online and in house. Every quarter my schedule is always done to best suit my interests. The teachers are always very helpful and will go the extra mile for you, no matter what. I have complete faith that when I am done with my tenure here, I will be the best realtime reporter I can be. I am always looking forward to my classes and glad to have this wonderful opportunity of being here. I would recommend this school to anyone who would be dedicated to this program.”


“I enjoy the atmosphere of Prince Institute because it is not a big university where each student is simply a number. Prince Institute has a knowledgeable faculty who is there to offer hands-on help whenever needed and to help you complete your field of study as fast as possible. The combination of a small school along with a caring staff provides you with the ability to achieve success.”
– STONE A. (2011 Graduate)


“Performance Evaluator [offered online on the Stenograph University web portal] has been invaluable to me in my progress at DACR*. It’s like an automatic homework machine! PeV is extremely easy to use and provides detailed feedback on all aspects of your writing. The repetition aspect of the practice patterns helps you identify where you are having specific issues in your writing, and the evaluation feedback even helps you improve your punctuation. Following the practice patterns lets you concentrate on writing and optimizes your practice time, and when you truly put the time into it, you’ll find that it boosts your confidence tremendously.”
– JILL M. R.
*Now Prince Institute—Rocky Mountains


“Student Appreciation Week was wonderful! I cannot remember a time during any formal education I've had where teachers and staff took the time to let their students know how much their presence is acknowledged and valued. You have made the first part of my first quarter there a very welcoming, friendly place to be. It makes a huge difference. As a group, you've been supportive, available, encouraging, and obviously invested in how I'm doing and how my class is doing. Thank you again for a fun week!”